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    Putin keeps trying to distort reality

    Vladimir Putin keeps trying to lie about reality. He tried to make the public believe that the real threat to Ukraine is Poland.

    According to Kremlin propaganda, this is not a war, but a “Special Military Operation.” And it would seem that Russian losses in this war are also special. Yesterday, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Russian losses in this war are, as of Friday: 74-thousand 840-soldiers and 115 of them are those from the latest draft, from this latest “mobilization” announced by Putin.


    “We are also familiar with Polish political ideas about the creation of a Great State, the so-called “Intermarium.” There was a lot of talk about this before World War II. It was a clearly defined idea. From the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Now we see Polish and Ukrainian officials hugging each other, but Polish plans are still alive, and the idea of absorbing Ukraine still exists,” Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, said. 


    Meanwhile, the Ukrainian side has presented the latest figures on Russian losses. According to these statistics, nearly 75,000 Russian soldiers have already been killed since February 24th. According to British intelligence – the Russian armed forces are having trouble providing training to soldiers called up under “partial mobilization.” Regular conscription scheduled for fall – will increase the number of recruits and thus make manoeuvres more difficult. Russia is conducting training in Belarus due to a lack of training personnel, ammunition and military facilities.


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