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    Poland opts for structural solution concerning EU's financial assistance for Ukraine

    Poland, during a meeting of the ECOFIN Council in Brussels on Tuesday, expressed its support for a more structural solution for EU financial assistance to Ukraine in 2023, the country’s Ministry of Finance stated in a press release.

    The Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) is responsible for EU policy in three main areas: economic policy, taxation issues and the regulation of financial services.


    During the meeting, the ministers, including Poland’s Finance Minister Magdalena Rzeczkowska, gave political guidance regarding the way forward on a more structural solution for the EU’s financial assistance to Ukraine in 2023.


    They also underlined the urgency of this issue and favoured a framework providing predictability and flexibility that would allow the European Commission to mobilise resources through bond issuance within agreed budgetary limits.


    “We have carefully adopted the proposals for financing loans for Ukraine,” said Rzeczkowska, as quoted in the press release. “In our opinion, the borrowing process should be profitable, flexible and financially rational, as well as guarantee the quick and need-based availability of funds for Ukraine.”


    The aim is to start the monthly disbursements to Ukraine in January 2023.



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