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    Baltics and Poland are key countries for regional security

    The defense ministers of Poland and the Baltic states met on Monday in Tallinn to discuss issues related to common defense and security. According to Blaszczak, the US presence in Poland will contribute to the security of both Poland and allies, especially the Baltic States.


    Poland’s Minister of Defense Mariusz Błaszczak said at the meeting that the Baltic States, like Poland, have common views on security threats and ways to avoid them. He added that the gathered countries also share the assessment of the role of transatlantic ties for the region. Błaszczak emphasized that four countries are not only crucial for the Baltic Sea region, but also for the entire Alliance. Their cooperation is to ensure deterrence and defense effectiveness in the eastern flank. According to the minister, it is also important to restore the ability to conduct joint defense operations. – We have achieved a lot in this field. We participate in strengthening the chain of command in our region – added Błaszczak.



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