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    A plane flying from Poznań to London landed in Paderborn due to a bomb threat

    Due to a bomb threat, a passenger plane flying from Poznań to London landed at night in Paderborn, Germany. Today in the morning, the Bielefeld police announced that “there is no threat”.

    “Nothing suspicious was found,” a police spokeswoman told The German Press Agency, dpa.

    According to the Bielefeld police, the Polish air traffic control received an “indication of a possible threat” by telephone, which prompted the landing in Paderborn at around 10:05 p.m. A total of 206 passengers (including crew) were brought to safety and, if possible, accommodated in hotels.

    However, most of the passengers spent the night at the airport. The search of the machine, which also involved sniffer dogs, continued in the morning and the airport remained closed. However, the alarm turned out to be a false one, and nothing that could endanger the passengers was found on board the plane.

    The plane is an Airbus A321 operated by the Hungarian airline WizzAir. According to the aircraft tracking service Flightradar24, the machine took off from Poznan at 8:49 p.m. with a slight delay before being diverted to Paderborn.

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