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    Total negation

    Street protests continue in a dozen Polish cities against court reform. The Law and Justice party is introducing a new bill to restructure the common courts. The bill’s first reading in parliament will be scheduled tomorrow. Law and Justice proposed reform runs counter to parliamentary opposition as well as a concentration of judges.

     ”We are witnessing chaos in the judicial system. The government, the ruling party, are only making things worse. We do not see their actions as attempts to heal the system, nor to fix it. It looks more and more like they aim to take control over the judicial branch, make it political, and silence the judges. They break the rules of Polish and European laws. Today’s opinion of the Parliamentary Analysis Office is devastating for them”- says Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, Chairman of Polish People’s party.

     ”Our opinion coincides with the opinion of the Parliamentary Analysis Office. Corrections to the draft bill will take into account all those findings and suggestions. We want to make sure that there will be no doubt the final text of the bill complies with the Polish constitution and laws of the European Union”- says Kamil Bortniczuk, Agreement party.

     ”There are always corrections to the first draft of the bill and I am sure this is true in this case. As far as the bill’s merits are concerned, I think that the bill is good”- says Marek Ast, Law and Justice party.

     ”Probably tomorrow, the lower house will start the bill’s proceeding with a first reading and most likely we will hear the first jabs from opposition MPs. The final decision whether to place this issue on the agenda, will be made tomorrow morning by the Speakers Committee of the lower house of parliament, the Sejm”- says Aleksandra Zarzycka, TV Republika.


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