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    The origin of the Christmas tree

    Christmas time, despite the huge flood of advertising content, still reminds us that Jesus was born two thousand years ago. One of the elements of Christmas symbolism is the Christmas tree. Where did it come from in Poland and what is its history?


    According to priest prof. Józef Naumowicz, the custom associated with the Christmas tree has its source in theological thought, and is not a remainder of pagan cults. In the Catholic tradition, the fathers of the Church saw the birth of Jesus as a return to a lost paradise. By becoming human, God’s Son has restored the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of the paradise tree of life. The Christmas tree was referring to the paradise tree of life. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Christmas tree was already an integral part of Christmas. It even appeared on the front in the trenches of World War I. In its presence, soldiers of hostile armies met and wished each other.



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