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    We knit wherever it is possible

    We all know that Christmas is about sharing and giving, and no one knows this better than volunteers from Poland who chose a unique way of helping those in need – knitting. Many wool shop employees engaged in a campaign to knit scarves, hats, gloves etc. for the poor and homeless, so they can survive the winter cold.

    “I keep this idea in mind, that today we have our positions at work, but tomorrow the future is uncertain, whether we would still have our jobs or not and we need to hold onto this idea. In addition, the following slogan was created throughout the duration of this action, simply ‘helping is fun”- says Iwona Trofimenko, volunteer and co-founder of the campaign.

    For many of the volunteers, Christmas spirit is all about helping those in need.

     “I think we will be able to give all those who are in need, all the homeless who will be there on the Christmas Eve of Mercy, and everyone will have these warm, wonderful winter hats and scarves and they will have them for a long time, because they are made by people who love other people, have a lot of empathy and they know that such a warm scarf, such a warm hat will give great comfort to those who need it”- says Anna Augustyniak,volunteer and co-founder of the campaign.

    Those, who received the knitted gifts were overwhelmed with joy.

    “What they made will probably be good to wear. It will be nice to put on. It was made with their hands. All the love they gave us. It will be very good”- says Małgorzata Sztorc.

    “Everything is just right. The atmosphere is right. I am delighted, really, really. I am delighted”- says Kazimierz Baran.

    The campaign also visited a local kindergarten to teach children about the value of helping others as well as how to design and knit scarves and hats. For each hat and scarf set, the volunteers need to use more than 300 metres of wool, meaning with hundreds of sets the amount of wool used stretches into several hundred kilometres. On Tuesday (December 24) hundreds of people in need were invited to a Christmas Eve meal where the volunteers distributed hats and scarves.


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