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    LOT with an excellent results

    In 2019, for the first time in history, LOT airlines carried 10 million passengers per year – the carrier reported on Friday. In 2020, LOT plans to launch 16 new routes.


    10 million passengers during the year is the best result in the 90-year history of the Polish carrier and more than a double increase compared to 2015, when LOT carried 4.3 million passengers on its decks. According to the company, this effect is the result of, among others, launching 15 new routes in 2019 and increasing the frequency on already served connections. Over the past four years, the line has launched over 80 new connections, and only in 2019 – four long-haul connections – to Miami, Delhi and Colombo from Warsaw and from Budapest to Seoul. The carrier announced that it will launch 16 further routes in 2020 – including from Krakow to New York, from Warsaw to San Francisco and from Budapest to Stuttgart, Sofia, Belgrade, Brussels or Dubrovnik.



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