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    All Putin's lies

    According to commentators, Putin’s propaganda war based on historical lies is a planned operation, calculated not only for political destabilization in Poland, but also for internal use. By attacking Poland at all costs, Putin is trying to maintain among Russians a sense of superpower of the state, whose founding myth is victory in the great patriotic war.

    The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, didn’t stop at his last, scandalous statements about Poland, referring to the September resolution of the European Parliament indicating that the reason of the outbreak of the Second World War was the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. At that time, Putin stated that Poland collaborated with Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union was not responsible for the outbreak of the war.

     ”This is what the secret protocols say about the partition of Poland, but Poland itself took part in the partition of Czechoslovakia. And the Soviet army – in accordance with the secret protocols – entered Poland. I would like to stress the fact that they entered after the Polish government lost control over its army and they didn’t know what was happening on the Polish territory. The government was located on the Polish-Romanian border. There was no one to talk to”- says Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

    The Institute of National Remembrance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote a statement as a response to Putin’s words. After few days during his speech, Putin mentioned the Polish diplomat and the ambassador of the Second Polish Republic in Berlin, Józef Lipski in an offensive manner.

     ”A good for nothing, anti-Semitic pig – I can’t call him differently. He fully sympathized with Hitler in his anti-Semitic attitude. What’s more, he promised to build him a memorial for his iniquity against the Jewish people”- says Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

    On Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the Russian ambassador to Poland, Siergiej Andriejev. The Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki reacted to Putin’s historical lies. He said that there is no permission to swap victims and executioners.

     ”(…) Putin said many lies about Poland many times. He always did that knowingly. It often happens in a situation when the Moscov authority feels an international pressure connected to their current actions. Russia failed a few times in the last few weeks. Their attempt to subjugate Belarusians failed, the European Union extended sanctions for the annexation of Crimea once again. The talks of the Normandy Format not only didn’t stop the sanctions, but engaged the Americans. And this makes Nord Stream 2 hard to accomplish. Additionally, the Russian athletes have been suspended for doping”- says Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland.

    The US ambassador to Poland, Georgette Mosbacher commented on the matter today.

     ”Dear President Putin, Hitler and Stalin colluded to start WWII. That is a fact. Poland was a victim of this horrible conflict”.

    Publicists and experts say that Putin started a brutal and cynical game against Poland.

     ”It seems that Putin wants to destabilize the situation in our country. He doesn’t like the path that Poland follows, he doesn’t like our political direction and our rising economic rates”- says Taduesz Płażyński, publicist.

    Everything indicates that the last statement of Putin is not the end of his attacks towards our country. The World’s Holocaust Forum, during which Putin will be the main speaker, is going to take place on January 23rd in Jerusalem.


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