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    Texas- shooting in the church

    Now over to world news. There has been a shootout in a Protestant church in the suburbs of Fort Worth, Texas. Two participants in the service were killed and several others were injured. Armed parishioners shot and killed the attacker.

    The attack took place during a Sunday service in a White Settlement church. It can be seen on the security footage that at one point the attacker opened fire to the attendees of the mass, to which church security responded quickly. One of them shot the aggressor. According to local police, the perpetrator is dead.

     ”Around 11:50 am an armed man entered the West Freeway Church in White Settlement, Texas during a service. Shortly after entering the church, he started shooting. Several parishioners responded with fire and the assailant died on the spot”- says J.P Bevering, White Settlement Chief of Police.

    Two people were killed and one is in critical condition in the hospital. If not for the quick response of the church security guards, there could have been more victims.

     ”There were many such attacks in this country, which is why we have gotten used to it. It’s terrible, especially during the holiday season. I would like to emphasize that we have several heroic parishioners who have helped prevent tragic consequences and saved many lives. Our hearts go out to them and their families”- says Jeoff Williams, Head of the Department of public safety in Texas.

    For now, the attacker’s identity has not been revealed, and his motivations are not known. The investigation is being conducted by the FBI.

     ”It is a very tragic day when someone in our community suffers, regardless of whether it is someone from Fort Worth or the community next door”- says Mike Drivdahl, spokesman for the Fort Worth Fire Department.

     ”Today, evil has entered between us. Let me remind you, however, that good people stood up and stopped it before something worse happened”- says Bill Waybourn, Tarrant County Sheriff.

    In September this year, a law came into force, which states that you can bring weapons to temples in Texas.


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