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    Morawiecki's interview in a German daily newspaper Die welt

     German „Die Welt” daily newspaper published an interview with Mateusz Morawiecki in which the Polish Prime Minister spoke about the lack of financial support for NATO from member states, such as Germany and France. Morawiecki also spoke about the changes to the judicial branch in Poland and stated, that the prolongation of court proceedings is the fault of post-communist judges.

     When asked about the reform of the judicial system in Poland, the head of government reminded that our country is making up for what was done earlier in other post-communist countries, for instance in West Germany. After the reunification of Germany, 30 percent of the judges who adjudicated in the German Democratic Republic could no longer practice because of their close links with the totalitarian regime.

    Morawiecki underlined that France and Germany are continuously underperforming in terms of the percentage of their GDP being allocated to the NATO defense fund. He stated that those member states who do not meet the 2% quota, are to blame for the alliance not meeting expectations.

    When asked about the Polish energy sector and the possible conflict with the EU regarding the exit from coal, the head of the Polish government reminded that Poland did not choose its current energy makeup, but that it was the result of decisions taken for us by the Soviet Union.

    Speaking about the challenges facing the EU, Mateusz Morawiecki admitted that he was observing the growing anti-American sentiment in some EU countries. The Prime Minister noted that without cooperation with the US, the European Union will not be able to resist Russian attacks and China’s growing influence.

    He also argued for stronger cooperation within the Weimar Triangle, that is Germany, France, and Poland, for instance in regards to the construction of a 5G network.


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