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    Opposition MEPs vote for the resolution against Poland

    Yesterday, MEPs from the Civic Coalition and the Left supported the resolution adopted by the Council of Europe to monitor Poland in connection with its alleged violation of the rule of law. This is yet another example of the opposition supporting an anti-Polish policy pursued by external organizations.

    140 MEPs voted for the resolution, 37 against and 11 abstained. By virtue of this decision, Poland will be the only country in the European Union subject to continued monitoring in connection with the alleged violation of the rule of law. Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Moldova, Georgia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Armenia and Azerbaijan are the other countries included in the monitoring procedure. 

    “The Polish delegation, especially delegates from the Civic Platform party, behaved scandalously. After the scandalous words and attacks on Poland by Russia, we expected that Polish politicians would support their own country” commented Jarosław Krajewski from the Law and Justice party. 

    The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has appealed for a revision to the changes in the judicial system by Poland, as well as submitting to the last amendment of the Supreme Court. However, the dispute over the judicial reform seems to be far from over. 


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