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    Support for the rule of law in Poland. Massive protest planned for this Saturday

    Activists supporting Polish justice reform will meet this Saturday, February 8th in Warsaw, Poland before the Constitutional Tribunal building at noon. Dozens of thousands of people from all over the country declared to participate.

    The meeting is organized by the Suwerenni Comittee and Gazeta Polska Clubs. Adam Borowski, an underground Solidarity leader of 1980′ expects no less than 10 thousand people.

    “The Committee is created and supported by people who want fair justice. They want to finish the reform that the opposition is trying to block. Our demonstration is a show of support – for both Mr President and for the Constitutional Tribunal, which guards the accordance of activities with the Constitution” – he said in an interview for

    Read the list of members of Suwerenni Comittee:

    Tomasz SakiewiczFrom almost all the clubs of “Gazeta Polska” and many other circles there are demands that we join in defending the sovereignty of Poland, the constitution, the Constitutional Tribunal and the reform of the judiciary. It is time to organise and clearly say that Poles will not give themselves in to any form of subordination, that Poland’s sovereignty is an inalienable value for us

    – explains the editor-in-chief of “Gazeta Polska”, Tomasz Sakiewicz.



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