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    Poland is facing the harshest drought in 50 years

    “We may be facing a very difficult spring because of low rainfall. If this situation continues, then we
    can have the strongest drought in fifty years” – said the Minister of Marine Economy and Inland
    Navigation, Marek Gróbarczyk.

    There is a problem with low water levels in Poland. There seems to be no winter as there is no snow and only a small amount of rainfall. The water level in the Vistula river is very low, it is only 33 cm. Due to a possible drought, a program has been prepared, the implementation of which begins this year. The “Stop drought” program aims to develop retention. “Soon, a program of construction of deep wells next to houses will be announced. We will prepare funds for this. On the other hand, melioration programs will be implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture”, said the minister. The second solution is water tanks up to 1 thousand cubic metres. These tanks can be built without any permits.

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