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    Thousands demonstrate in defence of the Polish judicial reform

    The demonstration in defence of the Polish judicial reform is being held in front of the Constitutional Tribunal building in Warsaw. The organisers of the manifestation are the ‘Sovereignty’ committee and the ‘Gazeta Polska’ clubs. The Editor-in-chief of the ‘Gazeta Polska’ newspaper commented on the initiative.

    Tomasz Sakiewicz Chief Editor of Gazeta Polska: “When it comes to the matter of judicial reform, everyone shares the same opinion. Poland is in need of judicial reform so that immunity won’t protect criminals in courts, so that criminals wouldn’t be able to make deals with politicians from abroad, harm Poland in any way, steal money, threaten Polish authorities or harm Polish sovereignty. All kinds of gangs in the justice system are trying to limit the Polish sovereignty. This is what we’re dealing with right now.

    We avoid active politicians. We don’t want them to be engaged in this manifestation, because this demonstration is of a social character. But if any politician of any party wants to join, then they are more than welcome to do so. However, we don’t want politicians to be the face of this manifestation.”


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