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    New chairman of the National Electoral Commission elected

    Judge of the Supreme Administrative Court Sylwester Marciniak was elected as the new chairman of the
    National Electoral Commission (PKW – Państwowa Komisja Wyborcza). His deputies became
    Wojciech Sych and Zbigniew Cieślak.

    The first meeting of the National Electoral Commission, convened by President Andrzej Duda, was held today. In January, the president appointed a new team of PKW. At the PKW, for the first time, there will be seven persons nominated by the Sejm. There will be two judges from the Constitutional Tribunal and the Supreme Administrative Court as well. The Law and Justice (PiS – political party) recommended to the PKW: a retired judge of the Constitutional Tribunal, Zbigniew Cieślak, former Warsaw councilor, Dariusz Lasocki and attorney Arkadiusz Pikulik. The Civic Coalition (Koalicja Obywatelska) submitted constitutionalist, Ryszard Balicki and a specialist in the field of electoral law, Konrad Składowski to the Commission. The Left (Lewica) indicated attorney Liwiusz Laska, while Polish People’s Party-Kukiz’15 (PSL- Kukiz’15) a former member of the State Tribunal, Maciej Miłosz. The chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court appointed judge Sylwester Marciniak to the Commission, while the chairman of the Constitutional Tribunal appointed judge Wojciech Sych.

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