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    CBA dismantles an international gang

    The gang, operating at least since 2016, leading 26 companies that did not pay due taxes or only paid them partially, has been broken up by the Polish Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA). The companies were managed by Poles, Vietnamese, Chinese and Ukrainians. The gang has stolen approximately PLN 8.6 billion from the Polish state.

    On Wednesday, nearly 300 CBA agents, with the support of the Border Guard and the Military Police, detained 18 people. Among them are the president of the national payment institution and five people managing the company. The other detainees are persons transferring the funds. All detainees will go to the prosecutor’s office where they will hear charges. The officers also conducted searches in over 60 places of residence and business locations. According to investigators, this organised crime group transferred at least PLN 8.6 billion outside the country via a national payment institution. The group operated through 26 companies managed by Polish, Vietnamese, Chinese and Ukrainian citizens who conducted their business mainly in Wólka Kosowska. The suspects are assumed to have operated in the country from 2016 to 2019.

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