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    The opposition demands Kamiński's dismissal

    Later today the Polish Sejm will debate motions filed by the Civic Platform and the Left parties to dismiss Minister of Interior and Coordinator of the Intelligence Agency, Mariusz Kamiński. The opposition accuse him of abusing his position in a political game regarding alleged financial corruption involving former president Kwaśniewski. Conversely, ruling party politicians maintain that Kamiński is performing his duties properly. According to the Central Anti-corruption Bureau, the villa at the heart of the allegations does belong to Mr. and Mrs. Kwaśniewski and they are the ones who should explain how they obtained the money to buy it.

    The opposition criticized the Central Anti-corruption Bureau for revealing information regarding the ‘Kwaśniewscy villa’ matter. They also claim that the CBA is being used in a political game. After the information was revealed, the former presidential couple said that the content was incomplete and made a statement that the information is incomplete. They demand the disclosure of all the information on this matter. On the other hand, Law and Justice politicians claim that the accusations are false.

    “I accept the motion filed against me. All the services are functioning normally. I’ll refer to the accusations during a debate”, stated Kamiński. 

    Jarosław Krajewski, from the Law and Justice party, defended the minister: “I think that the motion is unreasonable. There is no chance that the motion will be considered positively in the Parliament. I think it’s a sign of helplessness of the Civic Platform party. This is not the first motion to dismiss a minister filed by this party.”

    The debate on the motion will begin today at 10 pm. The voting will take place after the debate. Law and Justice politicians said that Mariusz Kamiński is performing his duties properly and that they will vote against this motion.  


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