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    Already over 50 witnesses spoke up in the corruption case of Speaker Grodzki

    Already 55 people have been questioned by the Central Anti-corruption Bureau (CBA) in connection with the ongoing investigation into corruption at the Szczecin-Zdunowo Hospital – unofficially found out the niezależ portal. These include former patients of prof. Tomasz Grodzki, as well as their families and friends.

    The investigation into corruption in the Szczecin-Zdunowo hospital was initiated by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau after prof. Agnieszka Popiela announced on Facebook that she had to pay $ 500 for her mother's surgery. From the beginning of December last year the investigation is led by the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Szczecin.
    As the niezależ portal managed to unofficially determine, officers from the Szczecin CBA delegation have already questioned 55 people. These are witnesses who confirm the acceptance of bribes by prof. Tomasz Grodzki in the period when he was the head and director of the Szczecin-Zdunowo Hospital. These are not only former patients, but also their families and friends.
    Some of these people related their testimonies on Radio Szczecin and "Gazeta Polska". But there are also many witnesses who reported to the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau after the CBA appealed to the witnesses to come out. The office informed that all persons who had become involved in the process of giving bribes have the option of exercising an article of non-penality under Article 229 of the Penal Code. "The condition of avoiding criminal liability, if the financial or personal advantage or their promise has been accepted by a person discharging a public function, is voluntary notification of the authorities"
    - we read in the Bureau's statement.
    The appeal to disclose the corruption crime was not received well by the media supporting total opposition. Last month, a journalist from Gazeta Wyborcza, who doesn't know much about the ongoing investigation, described the CBA's appeal to his readers in a following way:
    "Evidence in the investigation is weak, despite several weeks of government and right-wing media campaigns, which accuse Speaker Grodzki of corruption every day, citing anonymous informers".
    Persons who have decided to testify to the CBA and the prosecutor's office are instructed about the criminal liability involved in submitting false explanations. Contrary to what the Civic Platform politicians and related media say, they are not anonymous people.

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