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    A Call for Action: Former Polish Prime Minister Urges Government to Address Rural Challenges

    Former Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, has taken to social media to address the agricultural concerns plaguing the country. In a recorded message, Morawiecki called upon the current government, stating, “If you cannot solve the issues of the Polish countryside, it’s time to listen to those who understand the matter.”

    Expressing respect for the hardworking Polish farmers ensuring food security, Morawiecki highlighted their pivotal role. He endorsed a recent resolution supported by the Law and Justice party, urging immediate government actions to safeguard the interests of rural areas and the overall economy.

    Morawiecki outlined three key challenges, proposing a complete embargo on agricultural products from Russia and Ukraine, financial support for farmers to enhance profitability, and addressing concerns in the European Green Deal affecting Polish agriculture.

    In a direct appeal to the ruling coalition, Morawiecki emphasized the need for tangible solutions, stating, “Now is not the time for silence; it’s time for action. Polish rural areas deserve concrete measures.”

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