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    A Festive Journey Through Poland with Cheesecakes

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    Discover the rich history and diverse flavors of Polish cheesecakes, from a 1910 classic to regional delights. A festive journey through Poland’s culinary treasures!

    When we think of traditional Polish desserts, the iconic cheesecake takes center stage, gracing tables, cafes, and restaurants alike. As the holiday season approaches, the quest for the perfect cheesecake recipe becomes a cherished tradition for many families. The secret ingredient? Twaróg – a Polish phenomenon celebrated for its rich, easily digestible protein and a significant dose of vitamin B12.

    A Historical Recipe from 1910: Antoni Teslar’s Serownik
    In 1910, chef Antoni Teslar penned a cheesecake recipe for the Potocki counts in Krzeszowice, Krakow. Boasting 3 kg of cheese and a whole orange, this historical gem uses 54 egg yolks, 75 dag of sugar, and 54 beaten egg whites. The result is a delectable mix with flour, clarified butter, candied fruit peels, and raisins, baked on a crust for 1.5 hours.

    Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska’s Jurajski Cheesecake
    In the Jura region, indulge in the Jurajski cheesecake – a rectangular delight with twice-ground curd, whipped yolks, and a heavenly foam. Baked in cherry wood frames, this masterpiece is crowned with a thin layer of jelly, coconut shavings, or white chocolate.

    Royal Delight from Ryczów, Małopolskie
    Ryczów offers a royal cheesecake, adorned with irregular, wave-shaped baked meringue and coconut flakes. With five layers – shortcrust pastry, light cream cheese, chocolate cream cheese, meringue, and raisins – this gem replaces butter with oil and bakes for an hour at 180ºC.

    Łódź Voivodeship’s Nagawek Cheesecake
    In central Poland, Nagawek’s cheesecake, a staple since the 19th century, reigns supreme. Featuring crumbly or yeast dough, it stars well-drained, fatty curd with eggs, sugar, butter, and lemon zest. Enjoy it with either icing or crumbs.

    Podkarpackie’s Handzlowski Cheesecake
    Podkarpackie’s traditional Handzlowski cheesecake boasts a yeast dough base and a rich curd mixture enhanced with egg yolks, butter, and sugar. Topped with strips of dough and baked for an hour, it’s a regional delight.

    Kaszubian Twist – Potato-Infused Cheesecake
    On the Kaszubian Lakes, savor a unique cheesecake with potatoes. Mashed potatoes combine with doubly ground curd, butter, sugar, yolks, and beaten egg whites, creating a distinct texture. Baked with orange zest and raisins, it’s finished with white or cocoa icing.

    From historical recipes to regional twists, Poland’s cheesecake journey is a delightful exploration of flavors. Whether enjoyed during the holidays or on ordinary days, these diverse recipes showcase the nation’s love for this timeless dessert.

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