A New Year Brings Salary Boost for Polish Workers

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    Poland witnesses a substantial increase in minimum wages, with a 21.5% rise in January and 19.4% in July 2024, positively impacting 3.6 million workers.

    The beginning of 2024 marks a significant increase in Poland’s minimum wage and hourly rate. From January 1st, the minimum monthly wage rises to 4242 PLN, accompanied by an hourly rate of 27.70 PLN. This initial hike, mandated by the Minimum Wage Act, precedes another planned increase in July, bringing the benefits to 4300 PLN with an hourly rate of 28.10 PLN.

    The government’s decision is based on economic indicators, with a yearly inflation rate of at least 105%. For 2024, the minimal wage will see a surge to 4242 PLN in January and a subsequent rise to 4300 PLN in July.

    Comparing to 2023, this increase represents a 21.5% jump, amounting to 752 PLN for January, and a 19.4% increase, equivalent to 700 PLN, for July. The hourly rate for certain civil contracts also climbs by 21.5% to 27.70 PLN in January and 19.5% to 28.10 PLN in July.

    By July 2024, the minimum wage will have risen by 146% since 2015, amounting to a substantial increase of 2550 PLN. Approximately 3.6 million individuals are expected to benefit from this raise.


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