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    A Powerful Gesture by Andrzej Duda: Presidential Palace Illuminated with Heroes’ Portraits

    In response to a controversial event at the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk, President Andrzej Duda made a powerful statement by illuminating the Presidential Palace with the portraits of Father Maksymilian Kolbe, the Ulma Family, and Witold Pilecki. This act was a clear protest against the recent removal of these iconic Polish heroes’ images from the museum’s exhibition.

    Controversy in Gdańsk

    The controversy began when the management of the Museum of the Second World War, led by Rafał Wnuk, removed the portraits of Witold Pilecki, Father Maksymilian Kolbe, and a large photograph of the Ulma Family under the cover of night. This removal sparked outrage among many Polish patriots, who viewed it as a scandal of immense proportions.

    In a bold response, President Duda ensured that the images of these national heroes were prominently displayed on the Presidential Palace. This gesture was not just a tribute to Pilecki, Kolbe, and the Ulma Family, but also a clear message opposing the erasure of Polish heroes from cultural institutions.

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