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    Adam Matlak: A Young Chemist Making Science Fun

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    Meet Adam Matlak, a 21-year-old chemistry enthusiast and finalist in the Science Popularizer competition, revolutionizing science communication with humor and creativity.

    Chemistry enthusiast Adam Matlak, a 21-year-old student at the West Pomeranian University of Technology, is revolutionizing science communication. As a finalist in the 19th edition of the Science Popularizer competition in the Animator category, Matlak is dedicated to dispelling the stereotype of chemistry as dull and incomprehensible.

    Matlak’s journey began in high school when he stumbled upon his sister’s chemistry textbook. This serendipity ignited his passion for chemistry, leading him to initiate study circles and scientific projects in high school, sharing his knowledge through webinars and collaborations with scientific centers.

    Currently studying medical engineering, Matlak combines his academic pursuits with work at the Maritime Science Center, where he leads sessions for students and initiates a chemistry series for high school students. Humor is his trademark, making complex chemical concepts accessible. Matlak’s approach involves creative comparisons and engaging activities, catering to the younger audience through platforms like TikTok.

    Matlak is not just a student but also the president of the Student Scientific Circle AllChemicy. His recent recognition in the “Explory” competition for research on supercapacitors demonstrates his commitment to innovation. As he ventures into nanotechnology and biomedical aspects, Matlak emphasizes that science communication should be as valued as research.

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