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    Alarming Rise in Anti-Semitic Incidents in Europe Ahead of Kristallnacht Anniversary

    In a disturbing trend reminiscent of a dark chapter in history, Jewish homes in Berlin and Paris are being marked with blue Stars of David. As the world approaches the anniversary of “Kristallnacht,” the night of broken glass, concerns are mounting over a resurgence of anti-Semitic sentiments.

    The Stars of David, symbolizing Judaism, have appeared on the facades of buildings where Jewish families reside in both cities. Reports from French media have highlighted this unsettling development. While this situation is now gripping Paris, it follows a similar pattern that emerged in Berlin.

    Historical Parallels

    November 9th is a date etched in history as “Kristallnacht,” or the Night of Broken Glass. On this fateful night in 1938, the Nazi authorities in Germany initiated a violent pogrom against Jews, leading to widespread destruction and violence.

    These recent incidents have drawn comparisons to that dark period in history, as the Stars of David are once again being used to single out Jewish homes, raising concerns about the safety and well-being of Jewish communities.

    Escalating Tensions

    Tensions began escalating in Berlin shortly after Hamas launched an attack on Israel on October 7. The conflict in the Middle East triggered protests in various parts of the world, including in Berlin and Paris. Local Arabs, in a broad sense, took to the streets to express solidarity with the Palestinian cause, often waving Palestinian flags.

    However, as Israel responded to the attacks, casualties occurred on the Palestinian side, leading to an intensification of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiments. These sentiments have been particularly pronounced in Europe, where a significant Jewish population resides.

    The Devastation of 1938

    In 1938, after marking Jewish properties, the violence that followed resulted in the murder of 91 people, the burning of 171 synagogues, the destruction of approximately 7,500 shops, and 171 residential houses throughout Germany.

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