All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day in Poland: Honoring the Departed

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All Saints’ Day, celebrated on November 1st in the Catholic Church, has been a tradition since the 9th century. It is a day to commemorate not only officially recognized saints but also all faithful departed souls whose lives were marked by holiness. People visit cemeteries, light candles, and offer prayers for their loved ones, a tradition observed across various religious and non-religious communities.

All Saints’ Day: A Tradition of Remembrance

All Saints’ Day primarily commemorates martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Christ and were not mentioned in local martyrdom records or in the canon of the Mass. It is a day when people come together to remember their ancestors and departed loved ones.

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Traditions and Offerings

On this day, people light candles and offer special bread known as “powałki” or “heretyczki” to beggars, who were believed to maintain a connection with the afterlife. These offerings are meant to encourage the beggars to pray for the departed souls. In some regions, beggars were also given porridge, meat, and cheese.

The Evening of All Saints’ Day

In the evening of November 1st, families gather for prayers in their homes, leaving out bread to ensure that the visiting spirits are not hungry. This tradition of “feeding the departed” has its roots in pre-Christian customs when bread, honey, and porridge were placed on graves. Ceremonies called “dziady” were held at cemeteries or nearby chapels, where souls were summoned, and feasts were prepared in their honor.

Bonfires and the Transition

Originally, bonfires were lit at crossroads to guide wandering souls and provide warmth. Later, these fires were kindled on graves as a symbol of remembrance. Today, candles and lanterns illuminate the graves, symbolizing the memory of the departed.

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All Souls’ Day: Prayers for the Departed

On November 2nd, All Souls’ Day, Christians offer prayers for all believers in Christ who have passed away and are believed to be in purgatory. These prayers are essential in helping the departed souls attain salvation.

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