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    An unusual guest in the Baltic Sea

    A resident of Gdynia, Mr. Marcin Grabowski captured an unusual visitor in the Baltic Sea on the recording. The whale appeared about 70 kilometers from the coast of the Gulf of Gdańsk.

    Whales are primarily found in the world’s oceans, living in cold and temperate waters, and migrating vast distances every year. Unfortunately, whales are not native to Poland, as the country is located in Central Europe and does not have access to the ocean. That is why the view captured by Mr. Grabowski was so unusual.


    “Whales have been observed in the Baltic Sea for hundreds of years, such single trips sometimes happen here,” said the Head of the Marine Station, Dr. Iwona Pawliczka aka Pawlik.

    See the video of the humpback whale below:

    Whales in Poland

    Poland has several excellent aquariums and marine parks that allow visitors to learn about and observe these magnificent creatures up close.

    One of the most popular aquariums in Poland is the Gdynia Aquarium, located on the Baltic coast. The aquarium features a variety of marine animals, including several species of whales, such as beluga whales and killer whales. Visitors can watch these magnificent creatures perform in shows, as well as learn about their behavior, habitat, and conservation efforts.

    Another notable attraction is the Wroclaw Zoo, which houses a wide range of animals, including whales and dolphins. The zoo’s marine mammal exhibit includes several species of whales, including the bottlenose dolphin and the harbor porpoise. Visitors can watch these animals play, swim, and interact with their trainers, while also learning about the importance of conservation efforts to protect these creatures and their habitats.

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