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    Anniversary of the Opening of Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw

    Today, on May 20, 2023, marks the anniversary of the opening of Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw. Established on May 20, 1792, the cemetery holds significant historical and cultural value for the city. Over the past two centuries, Powązki Cemetery has become the final resting place for numerous renowned figures, including artists, writers, scientists, and political leaders.

    As one of the oldest and most prestigious cemeteries in Warsaw, Powązki Cemetery is not only a burial ground but also a place of artistic beauty and architectural splendor. Its grandeur attracts visitors who appreciate its tranquil atmosphere, ornate gravestones, and picturesque landscapes.

    Throughout the years, Powązki Cemetery has evolved into a symbolic landmark that reflects the rich heritage and diverse history of Warsaw. It serves as a poignant reminder of the city’s past and the individuals who have contributed to its cultural, intellectual, and political legacy.

    On this special day, we remember and honor the legacy of those laid to rest in Powązki Cemetery, and we pay tribute to the cemetery itself as an important cultural and historical site in Warsaw.

    Antifa Thugs and German Police Target TV Republika at Ravensbrück: Assault on Memory and Freedom

    Antifa militants, aided by complicit German law enforcement, launched an assault on the journalistic integrity of TV Republika at the historic site of the former Nazi camp KL Ravensbrück.