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    Antifa Thugs and German Police Target TV Republika at Ravensbrück: Assault on Memory and Freedom

    Antifa militants, aided by complicit German law enforcement, launched an assault on the journalistic integrity of TV Republika at the historic site of the former Nazi camp KL Ravensbrück. Today, as the world marks the solemn occasion of the camp’s liberation, the sanctity of remembrance is under threat by radical elements and their allies in uniform.

    Polish citizens, driven by a noble desire to honour the memory of their fallen compatriots, have been shamefully denied entry to Ravensbrück by local police simply because they proudly display their national symbols. This disgraceful act, allegedly sanctioned by the museum’s administration, has drawn condemnation from Karol Wołek, President of the Soldiers of National Armed Forces Union, who spoke out against this affront to dignity and remembrance on TV Republika.

    At approximately 12:30 local time, Antifa hooligans descended upon the scene, hell-bent on disrupting the live broadcast of TV Republika by physically obstructing the camera with a barrage of papers and banners. But their thuggish antics did not end there. When reporter Michał Gwardyński attempted to deliver his coverage, a German police officer brazenly intervened, seeking to silence the truth.

    A tense standoff ensued as Gwardyński bravely stood his ground, denouncing the leftist rabble for their attempts to censor the media. 

    Tomasz Sakiewicz, Editor-in-Chief of TV Republika, echoed the sentiments of outrage and demanded action from the authorities. He rightly pointed out that on the very grounds where Polish heroes were martyred, a Polish journalist is targeted simply for displaying his national pride. This is not just an attack on freedom of the press; it is an assault on the memory of the victims and the values they died defending.


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