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    Anze Lanisek finished third in the overall World Cup standings. A heartbreaking gesture of the Slovenian ski jumper

    Anze Lanisek overtook Dawid Kubacki on the final stretch and took third place in the overall World Cup classification. The Slovene entered the podium with a printed mock-up with the likeness of the Polish jumper. His face was filled with tears.

    Dawid Kubacki could not be present in Planica at the end of the season. In mid-March, the athlete left the World Cup competitions due to family problems. He quickly revealed that his wife Marta had serious cardiac problems.

    The Polish ski jumper broke the good news that his wife’s condition is improving on the last day of the season.

    Not only Lanisek showed solidarity with Kubacki. All the best three (Lanisek, Kraft and Timi Zajc) held a banner with the inscription: “David, good luck to your family.”

    Sandro Pertile also gave a special message:

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