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    Are you playing a little hooky today too? 

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    This informal holiday – Skip Day – is eagerly celebrated by virtually all pupils. Admittedly, it is not a public holiday, but no one is surprised when there are fewer pupils in the class. 

    Although it has been a tradition for years, more and more schools want to keep pupils within schools by organising various themed activities on this day. Trips to museums, community centres or botanical gardens are just some of the many attractions offered to students on Skip Day.

    The origins of Skip Day (Polish: Dzień Wagarowicza), are difficult to determine. There are various theories about its origin. One of them says that Truant’s Day originated in the ancient Roman tradition, where it was customary to take a day off from work and rest.

    Another theory suggests that Truant’s Day originated in the United States in the early 20th century when workers began to organise strikes and protests against low wages and poor working conditions.

    No matter what the history of this day is, it is always associated with the first day of calendar spring, namely 21 March.

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