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    Bear Attack on Eco-Activist Sparks Irony and Controversy: Will There Be a Darwin Award?

    A photo trap has captured a harrowing bear attack on an eco-activist, raising questions about the consequences of his controversial mission. The incident has ignited a heated debate about the fine line between activism and personal safety.

    The eco-activist in question embarked on a mission to prove that the destruction of a bear’s den by foresters rendered it uninhabited. However, fate had other plans. The photo trap not only captured the attack but also prompted an inquiry from Michał Gzowski, the spokesperson for State Forests: “Will there be a Darwin Award?” The award, a somewhat tongue-in-cheek recognition, is given to individuals whose actions result in their own demise due to a lack of common sense.

    The eco-activist’s attempt to expose the perceived wrongdoing of foresters took an unexpected turn when the bear, disturbed by the intrusion, launched an attack. Foresters, the very individuals criticized by the eco-activists, found themselves in the unlikely role of rescuers. The irony was not lost on Gzowski, who pointed out the unexpected twist of fate: “pseudo-ecologists criticized foresters, GOPR, and police officers, and now these people are saving their lives.”

    “A camera trap captured a bear attacking an eco-activist. He wanted to prove that the lair was empty because foresters had destroyed his habitat. Quite an irony of fate – pseudo-ecologists were attacking foresters, GOPR and policemen, and now these people are saving their lives. Will there be a Darwin Award?”

    Gzowski wrote on X. 

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