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    Beata Szydło Raises Concerns Over EU’s Mistakes and Calls for Realistic Solutions

    In a recent debate held in Strasbourg, Law and Justice MEP Beata Szydło voiced her concerns about the future of EU citizens and criticized the mistakes made within the European Union. The discussion primarily focused on the outcomes of the European Council meeting held on June 29-30, 2023, with particular attention to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the situation in Russia.

    During the debate on July 12, Beata Szydło emphasized the paramount importance of security, highlighting its broad scope in relation to the current challenges faced by Europe and its citizens. She stressed the need to support Ukraine and promote its inclusion in NATO and the European Union, emphasizing that a safe and free Ukraine directly contributes to a secure and free Europe.

    Mass Protests and Raises Concerns Over EU’s Economic Challenges Highlighted

    However, Szydło also drew attention to the mass protests erupting across several European cities. She attributed these demonstrations to citizens’ concerns about their economic security and future. According to the MEP, EU citizens are apprehensive due to the mistakes made within the European Union itself, citing contentious issues such as the relocation of illegal migrants.

    Moreover, Szydło acknowledged additional pressing problems that demand immediate attention, including rampant inflation and skyrocketing prices. She attributed these economic challenges partly to the war in Ukraine but also to the flaws in the implementation of projects and initiatives such as the Green Deal and Fit for 55.

    “The question of whether the European Union is moving in the right direction needs to be answered at last because, so far, these benefits are somehow not perceived by Europeans,” Szydło underscored, emphasizing the importance of addressing the concerns realistically raised by the protests.

    Szydło Calls for a Reassessment of EU’s Direction and Genuine Response to Citizens’ Concerns

    Szydło did not shy away from directing her remarks at representatives of the European People’s Party (EPP), one of the largest political groups in the European Parliament. She called on the EPP to focus on the current challenges faced by Europe instead of meddling in Polish elections or heeding their Polish counterparts. Szydło urged them to prioritize Europe’s security and address the mistakes made in the migration policies, which she argued initiated a severe crisis in the continent, starting with Germany.

    As the debate in Strasbourg drew to a close, Beata Szydło’s passionate appeal for a reassessment of the EU’s direction and a genuine response to citizens’ concerns resonated strongly. She believes it is crucial for the European Union to acknowledge and rectify its past errors while formulating pragmatic solutions to secure the future of its citizens.

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