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    Beauty and nature go hand in hand with innovative business in Warmia & Mazury

    It is no longer just a great place to spend a summer holiday. It is also a nationwide technology hub, based on thriving academic centres, R&D investments, and modern companies. This is the face of Warmia and Mazury, presented during #WaMaMarketing 2023.

    In the building of the Warmian-Masurian Philharmonic Hall in Olsztyn, several hundred guests, representatives of local authorities, businesses, universities, and non-governmental organisations, discussed the development prospects of the fourth largest voivodeship in Poland. For decades, the region has struggled with many structural challenges dating back to the period of economic transition. Today, due to its proximity to major European transport routes and its potential, it has the chance to make a kind of ‘civilisational leap.’

    “Warmia and Mazury is a fantastic place to achieve a work-life balance. It is therefore an excellent region to invest your capital, make your dreams come true and succeed, while still enjoying the beauty of its surroundings and time spent with your loved ones,”

    Gustaw Marek Brzezin, Marshall of the Voivodship, argued.

    ‘Green Lungs of Poland’ to promote business in Poland

    With a population of over 1.3 million people, the Warmia-Mazury voivodeship, in addition to its great potential for tourism, which stems from its outstanding natural assets (all of which are part of the so-called “Green Lungs of Poland”), also has ambitions in terms of the development of innovative trade and environmentally friendly industry. Three science and technology parks are already thriving in the voivodeship (in Olsztyn, Elbląg and Ełk).

    “Economic promotion increases the awareness and knowledge of external investors about the accessibility and economic opportunities offered by the Warmia-Mazury region. That is why the speakers invited to the #WaMaMarketing 2023 conference include charismatic leaders and international experts who do not predict trends but create them themselves,”

    Gustaw Marek Brzezin said.

    The Olsztyn Philharmonic hosted speeches by, among others, Andreas Ekström (Swedish writer and futurist), Michał Sadowski (founder of Brand24), Daniel Levine (executive director at the Avant-Guide Institute), Piotr Bucki (communication expert) or Aleksandra Przegalińska (philosopher and publicist). The experts shared their knowledge and inspiration with the audience in the areas of new technologies, social media, e-commerce, and virtual reality.

    “The surprisingly high attendance and interest from national media indicate that the event has hit the needs and expectations of the Warmia and Mazury community. Thanks to the skills acquired here, local entrepreneurs will be able to use them to develop their businesses and thus strengthen the potential of the entire region,”

    the Marshal of Warmia and Mazury noted.

    #WaMaMarketing conference highlights Poland’s unique position in the world

    The #WaMaMarketing conference was interactive. More than half a thousand guests engaged in dialogue with experts, expressing their opinions or asking questions using mobile devices. Inventions and innovations also filled the corridors of the Olsztyn Philharmonic Hall. Meanwhile, an intelligent robot played the role of co-host on stage, after all, the skilful use of AI also featured in subsequent speeches and discussions.

    The #WaMaMarketing conference was also attended by many representatives of foreign companies and concerns related to the new technology sector. From their perspective, Warmia and Mazury is a doubly interesting region. On the one hand, the “green” character of the voivodeship fits perfectly into the organisation’s image policy, and on the other, its attractiveness is strengthened by its proximity to Baltic ports and major Central European transport routes, as well as a dense network of connections with Scandinavian markets.

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