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    Beer revolution: What Do Poles Drink?

    In 2011, Poland witnessed the beginning of the so-called beer revolution, igniting an interest in craft beers. Twelve years later, Poles remain captivated by the world of independent, small breweries and the quest for unique flavors. Despite a rich brewing tradition, recent research sheds light on whether Poles truly know their domestic beer gems.

    In November 2023, SW Research, commissioned by Browar Grodzisk, surveyed the opinions of Polish consumers on beer styles. The study involved 1,000 adult beer enthusiasts from across the country.

    Unexplored Treasures of Tradition

    While well-known brands like Żywiec and Warka dominate, there’s a significant gap in recognizing a crucial city – Grodzisk Wielkopolski. Home to the renowned Grodziskie beer, it enjoys global acclaim, yet almost 82% of Poles are unaware of this distinctive Polish style. The Grodzisk Brewery recently shared the official recipe, opening the door for beer enthusiasts to embrace this tradition.

    Polish Palates: A Challenge for Craft Breweries

    Polish beer lovers prioritize taste (92%) over factors like brand popularity or country of origin. With an adept nose for flavors, Poles appreciate a variety of aromas, from mango and raspberry to coffee, chili, and green tea. Notably, honey, ginger, and citrus fruits are among the most recognized beer additions.

    Fruitful Preferences and the Rise of Alcohol-Free

    The favorite beer styles are flavored/fruity (36%) and pale lager (35%), with women leaning towards the former and men towards the latter. However, wheat beer, the third most preferred style, attracts a nearly equal number of both genders. Additionally, the alcohol-free beer market in Poland has surged, constituting over 6% of the total beer market.

    Thirst for Specialties

    Specialty beers are the only growing segment in the alcoholic beer market. Poles embrace unique flavors, whether reviving historical recipes or experimenting with unconventional ingredients. Browar Grodzisk’s revival exemplifies this, introducing Poles to nuanced beer experiences.

    In summary, Polish beer preferences showcase a nuanced palate, a blend of tradition and exploration, with a growing appreciation for specialty and alcohol-free options. The beer revolution in Poland promises not only evolution but an exciting journey of discovery.

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