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    Białystok University of Technology Students’ Hybrid-Powered Racer

    Białystok University of Technology unveils its first hybrid Formula Student car, featuring advanced engineering and a redesigned powertrain.

    Students from Białystok University of Technology (PB) have unveiled their ninth Formula Student car, marking their first foray into hybrid technology. This innovation is expected to significantly enhance the vehicle’s acceleration and low-speed flexibility.

    Formula Student Competition

    Formula Student is a prestigious competition where university teams worldwide design, build, and race prototype cars. PB’s Cerber Motorsport team has a track record of success in various competitions.

    Advanced Features

    The new car boasts a hybrid powertrain, improved aerodynamics, and a redesigned engine and drivetrain. It also features a novel communication system for faster data analysis from over 30 sensors.

    The team has spent two years on this project, with final adjustments underway. They will compete in Austria on July 21, followed by races in Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

    Rigorous Testing

    The car will undergo rigorous testing in Formula Student competitions, including an 11-kilometer track challenge with mandatory driver changes, acceleration trials, and tight cornering on an “eight” course. Engineering solutions, cost assessment, and a business plan will also be evaluated.

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