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    Bison Population in Poland is Growing

    The Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment has reported a significant increase in the bison population. As of 2022, there are 2,603 bison, with 2,394 in the wild and 209 in captivity.

    The Ministry also noted an increase in the wolf population, reaching 4,328 in 2020. Conversely, the brown bear population remains low, with 359 individuals recorded in the same year.

    Addressing human-wildlife conflicts, Deputy Minister Urszula Zielińska emphasized the importance of existing conflict mitigation mechanisms, such as compensation payments and cooperation with regional environmental directors.

    Despite issuing numerous culling permits to manage these populations, only a small percentage are executed. The Ministry remains committed to the conservation of these species, in line with national and EU legislation.

    Bison, wolves, and bears are strictly protected under the 2016 Ministerial Regulation and require active conservation efforts as mandated by the Habitats Directive.

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