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    Celebrating 55 Years: Unique Exhibition and Lyrical Jam Session at the Museum of Folk Musical Instruments in Szydłowiec

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    In 1968, the Museum of Folk Musical Instruments was established in Szydłowiec, a unique branch of the Świętokrzyskie Museum in Kielce, boasting the country’s largest collection of folk musical instruments. The 55th-anniversary celebration brought together music enthusiasts, including representatives from local governments and cultural institutions nationwide.

    Amidst warm words, embraces, and congratulations, the museum’s director, Dr. Aneta Oborny, and the entire museum team received accolades and recognition. The event featured awards for the institution’s dedicated staff and a musical performance by the “Wernyhora” ensemble.

    The museum unveiled a new temporary exhibition, “Hurdy-gurdy – The Instrument of Romantic Myth,” exploring the role of this medieval instrument in Polish socio-cultural life during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The exhibit, blending instrumentology with history, literature, and art, sparked discussions among both specialists and general visitors.

    The legendary aura of Wernyhory and his instrument, depicted through 18th-19th-century instruments and Jan Matejko’s painting, resonated with guests, including first-time visitors. The exhibition’s setting and participants inspired a unique lyrical jam session, serving as a memorable conclusion to the jubilee celebration.

    The exhibition, under the honorary patronage of Minister of Culture and National Heritage Prof. Dr. Piotr Gliński, and Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship Adam Struzik, will run until June 30, 2024.

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