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    Celebrating Cadet Day: Honoring the Tradition of Military Education

    Today, on May 21, we celebrate Cadet Day, paying tribute to the military education tradition and the role of cadets in various institutions. The term “Cadet” originated from the Knight School, representing warfare tactics teachings.

    Cadet Day also acknowledges the paramilitary origins, organization, and structure of the State Fire Service. The title is granted to soldiers training to become non-commissioned officers and Fire Service aspirants.

    On the 90th anniversary, we honor Cadet Day, commemorating the start of battles during the Third Silesian Uprising and the youngest fallen cadet, Karol Chodkiewicz. We extend our warmest wishes to all cadets, especially those serving as candidates in fire service schools.

    Cadet Day represents the dedication and commitment of cadets in their pursuit of knowledge and community safety. Let’s recognize their sacrifices and contributions as future leaders upholding service and bravery.

    On this Cadet Day, we celebrate the rich heritage of military education and the cadets shaping our armed forces and fire services. May this day inspire all cadets to pursue excellence with honor and courage.

    Radical Eco-Activists Jeopardize Racing Tradition with Shameful Stunt

    Two agitators affiliated with the extremist "Last Generation" faction brought chaos to the opening of the racing season at Służewiec Racetrack. Thanks to the swift response of security personnel, law enforcement was able to swiftly quell the disturbance.