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    Celebrating Customs Service Day: Guardians of Trade and Security

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    Every year on September 21st, Poland celebrates Customs Service Day in accordance with a 1999 law. This day holds special significance, as it underscores the crucial role played by the Customs Service (SC) in the country’s economy and society, as well as within the framework of the European Union since the establishment of the customs union on July 1, 1968.

    Customs Service Day is a collective celebration dedicated to all the dedicated officers and staff of the Customs Service. It serves as a reminder of their tireless efforts to facilitate international trade while ensuring the security and compliance of goods entering and exiting the country.

    Safeguarding the Economy

    The Customs Service not only collects import duties and taxes but also combats smuggling, counterfeiting, and other illegal activities that could harm the national economy. Their role extends to protecting consumers from substandard or dangerous products.

    In the context of the European Union, the Customs Service of Poland plays a vital role in enforcing the customs regulations that facilitate the seamless flow of goods within the EU’s single market.

    As we mark Customs Service Day on September 21, 2023, let us recognize and appreciate the dedication and commitment of the Customs Service in safeguarding our nation’s interests and contributing to the broader European community. Their role remains essential in an ever-evolving global trade landscape.

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