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    Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki: A Musical Marathon at the Silesian Philharmonic

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    In honor of the 90th birthday of renowned Polish composer Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, the 11th International Days of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki will unfold in a unique, intense format at the Silesian Philharmonic on December 9, 2023.

    Opening Exhibitions and Family Concert
    The day kicks off at 9:30 am with two exhibitions—”90 Views of Górecki” and “Górecki Days: Retrospectives.” A family concert at 10:00 am, featuring students from the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music, will enchant audiences with Górecki’s beloved compositions for children.

    Choral Classics and Scholarly Insights
    At noon, the Silesian Philharmonic Choir, conducted by Jarosław Wolanin, will enchant with iconic choral works. Later, a meeting with Dr. Beata Bolesławska-Lewandowska and a presentation of her monograph will delve into Górecki’s artistic legacy.

    Chamber Music Lunch and Premieres
    Artists from the Philharmonic will offer a chamber music lunch at 2:30 pm, including the well-known String Quartet “Already It Is Dusk.” At 5:00 pm, Su-Han Yang leads the Silesian Chamber Orchestra, presenting premieres like “Three Songs for Low Voice” with soloists Jakub Borgiel and Aleksandra Gajecka-Antosiewicz.

    Culmination and Farewell
    The evening crescendos at 9:00 pm with Yaroslav Shemet conducting the Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra and soprano Olga Bezsmertna in Górecki’s masterpiece, the Third Symphony “Symphony of Sorrowful Songs.” The night concludes with a farewell performance by Aleksandra Blanik, Łukasz Długosz, Andrzej Jungiewicz, and the Philharmonic’s percussion group at 11:00 pm.

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