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    Chinese Welcome President Duda with Grandeur, Play Special Tune for Poles

    In a meaningful gesture noted by global political observers, the Chinese orchestra played a significant piece to welcome Polish President Andrzej Duda. The ceremony, marked by full military honors, highlighted the importance of Duda’s visit to China.

    President Duda is on a multi-day visit to China, where he met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. During a press briefing, Duda emphasized the numerous agreements reached, particularly regarding the export of Polish food products to China. He described these agreements as “probably the largest in history,” significantly opening the Chinese market to Polish agriculture.

    While the agreements and discussions were crucial, the manner of President Duda’s reception was equally noteworthy. The full military ceremony included the hoisting of the Polish white and red flag and a group waving Polish flags. However, the most symbolic gesture came from the orchestra, which played “Warszawianka (1831),” a song with a clear anti-Russian sentiment. The song includes lines urging Poles to resist Russian oppression.

    Chinese media have extensively covered President Duda’s visit, with the event being the day’s top news on Chinese television.

    TV Republika’s correspondent to Beijigin, highlighted the significance of the orchestra playing “Warszawianka 1831,” noting its strong anti-Russian, pro-freedom, and pro-independence message in Polish culture. He questioned whether the choice was a coincidence, expressing personal doubt.

    The performance of “Warszawianka” has also garnered attention online, being seen as a key gesture in Polish-Chinese relations.

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