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    CONFIRMED: Germans shuttle migrants to Poland

    From 1 January to 31 May this year, 549 illegal migrants were turned back by the Germans at the Oder Border Guard Unit, according to Dariusz Matecki, MP, who conducted a parliamentary inspection at the institution. – The refugee centre here is full – 79 occupied out of 80 places. The question then is where are the remaining illegal migrants who have been withdrawn from Germany? – he added.

    German police are turning migrants over to Poland

    In recent days, there have been more and more reports about the increased presence of illegal migrants on the streets of Polish cities. In Warsaw, a black man jumped on cars, while in Piotrków Trybunalski a migrant “danced with a knife” in a pharmacy, then called on Allah while being detained by police. The media also reported that German police officers were trafficking migrants to Poland.

    MP Dariusz Matecki appeared today at the headquarters of the Nadodrzański Oddział Straży Granicznej, where he conducted an inspection. As he relayed, on the premises of this branch alone, “Germany has from 1 January 2024 to 31 May 2024 withdrawn (that’s exactly the same as push back) 549 illegal migrants, including 66 from Syria, 49 from Afghanistan, 27 from Somalia”.

    “The refugee centre here is full – 79 occupied out of 80 places. So the question is where are the other illegal migrants who have been withdrawn from Germany? I don’t know,” he wrote.

    He added that according to Polish law, “people who enter Poland illegally from Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan – cannot be sent back to these countries – that is, if they manage to get to Poland, they are virtually untouchable. According to an EU directive, from 2026 social benefits for migrants will be equalised across the EU – so such people will have no incentive to leave Poland for Germany or France.”

    “They will get more than PLN 2,000 for free – from your taxes! And on top of that other benefits, also from your taxes! But they will enrich Poland culturally for us! The “happy” Poland of Donald Tusk and Szymon Holownia!,” he concluded.

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