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    Cutting-Edge Polish Anti-Mine System Set to Bolster Naval Defense

    Scientists from the Gdańsk University of Technology have unveiled a remotely operated underwater vehicle designed for the detection and neutralization of naval mines. This cutting-edge system, codenamed “Głuptak,” will be integrated into three upcoming mine destroyers being constructed by Remontowa Shipbuilding, significantly bolstering the Polish Navy’s capabilities in the years to come.

    Unveiling OPM Głuptak

    So, what exactly is the OPM Głuptak system? Its primary purpose is to identify and neutralize dangerous objects submerged in bodies of water, including those resting on the seabed, buried in sediment, or concealed behind underwater obstacles.

    Furthermore, the mobile versions of the OPM Głuptak systems are currently employed by the 12th Minesweeping Division in Świnoujście. Presently, one of these systems is installed on the ORP Hańcza, which is on a six-month mission with the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1.

    On the new naval units, these systems will be integrated with the Combat Management System (SCOT) developed by the Research and Development Center for Maritime Technology and mounted on the “Kormoran II” vessels.

    The OPM Głuptak System in Action

    The heart of the OPM Głuptak system lies in its use of a compact, remotely operated underwater vehicle, approximately 1.5 meters in length and resembling a torpedo in shape. Propelled by small screws driven by electric motors, this vehicle serves as a carrier for explosive charges, which are used to neutralize naval mines. It’s worth noting that due to its “one-shot” nature, the vehicle is designed to be sacrificed during its operational missions.

    As part of the system’s setup, training vehicles are also included, allowing for user training exercises. However, at any given moment, by simply swapping a full-scale dummy (representing a destructive charge) with an actual explosive payload, the training vehicle can be converted into a fully operational combat vehicle.

    This innovation not only reinforces the Polish Navy’s capabilities but also represents a significant step forward in the global effort to enhance maritime security. As threats to maritime activities persist, the OPM Głuptak system stands as a testament to Poland’s commitment to cutting-edge technology in safeguarding its waters and contributing to global maritime safety.

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