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    Cyber Defense Index 22/23: Poland in 6th place

    Poland has been ranked sixth best in the world in its resilience to cyber attacks, according to the MIT Technology Review.

    “The Cyber Defense Index is a ranking of 20 of the world’s major economies according to their collective cybersecurity assets, organizational capabilities, and policy stances,” MIT Technology Review writes on its website. 

    “It measures the degree to which these economies have adopted technology practices that advance resilience to cyberattacks and how well governments and policy frameworks promote secure digital transactions,” it adds.

    Poland’s Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak commented on Twitter: “This shows that we’re gaining strength and our international activities are being appreciated.”

    “Geopolitics played an important role in the overall score in the case of South Korea, which placed third, and Poland, which came sixth,” the Polish military cybersecurity forces DKWOC said. “Both countries have been appreciated for their efficient fending off of attacks from their neighbours: North Korea and Russia.”

    Poland was also praised for strengthening regional cybersecurity cooperation, including through its support for Ukraine, the cybersecurity unit added.

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