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    Dazzling Science Festival in Katowice: Laser Shows, AI, and Extraterrestrial Life

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    The 7th Silesian Science Festival, set for December 9-11 at the International Congress Center, promises laser shows, artificial intelligence exhibits, and insights into extraterrestrial life. The event marks the official launch of the 2024 European City of Science celebrations in Katowice.

    Three Days of Wonders

    The festival, spanning three days for the first time, aims to showcase the best of Silesian universities and highlight global scientific marvels. Ryszard Koziołek, the rector of the University of Silesia, expressed ambitions to explore intriguing topics like artificial intelligence.

    A Multifaceted Program

    Featuring lectures, workshops, scientific demonstrations, exhibitions, concerts, talks, debates, and special guest meetings, the festival boasts a diverse program organized and led by nearly 2,000 scientists and science communicators. The six knowledge zones include climate and environment, health and quality of life, future industry, social innovations, industrial and cultural heritage, as well as creation and criticism.

    Unique Attractions

    The festival introduces new zones focused on occupational diseases named after Jolanta Wadowska-Król and a motorsport zone hosted by sports journalist Mikołaj Sokół. With a focus on space exploration, the event encourages interdisciplinary collaboration to address significant challenges.

    Laser Spectacle and Opening Show

    A highlight of the festival is a scientific laser show by physicists from Lund University in Sweden, combining electricity, pressure, sound and light effects, smoke, and fire in an hour-long performance.

    Europe’s City of Science 2024

    The festival kicks off the celebration of Katowice as the European City of Science. As the only city in Central-Eastern Europe to receive this title, Katowice anticipates hosting the EuroScience Open Forum, the largest scientific congress in the European Union, during the year-long festivities.

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