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    Deadline Approaches for Nominating Candidates to Russian Influence Commission in Poland

    As the clock ticks, Polish parties are preparing to meet the impending deadline set by Elzbieta Witek, the Speaker of the Sejm, the lower house of the Polish parliament. The cut-off time, 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 29, marks the final moment for parties to put forth their nominees for the Russian influence commission – an entity embroiled in both domestic and international scrutiny.

    The legislative inception of this commission occurred on May 31 with the enactment of a law encompassing the years 2007 through 2022.

    In a recent announcement, parliamentary clubs were formally informed of the impending deadline, a decision communicated by Speaker of the Sejm, Elzbieta Witek.

    Marek Ast, a prominent figure within the Law and Justice (PiS) presidium, underscored that the candidate nomination process was triggered following the amendment to the law and the acceptance of President Andrzej Duda’s proposal. Ast disclosed PiS’s intention to present a roster of candidates to the commission. He also speculated that the commission members could be designated during the Sejm session scheduled for August 30, contingent on the availability of candidate names.


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