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    Decreasing Housing Affordability for Average Earners in Major Cities

    Can young, average-earning residents in major cities still afford to buy an apartment with a mortgage? Experts from and have analyzed bank and developer offers to provide insights.

    Income Benchmarks

    The analysis defines a typical 30-year-old single with an average net income of 6,000 PLN, a childless couple with a combined income of 8,000 PLN, and a 35-year-old couple with a child earning 10,000 PLN. These assumptions consider stable employment, a 20% down payment saved, and no existing credit obligations.

    Decreased Mortgage Availability

    According to, average creditworthiness rose until March but dropped significantly in April due to stricter bank assessments. Consequently, potential borrowers without increased incomes face reduced mortgage amounts.

    “Households of at least two people are seeing the biggest reductions in mortgage offers, with some banks offering significantly less than in March,” says Konrad Pluciński from The difference in mortgage offers for a family with a 10,000 PLN net income can exceed 200,000 PLN between banks.

    Rising New Housing Prices

    Simultaneously, new housing prices have increased. Poznań led with a 7% rise since the beginning of the year, reaching over 13,000 PLN per square meter. Warsaw tops the list with an average price of 17,500 PLN per square meter, followed by Kraków and Trójmiasto.

    Housing Options for Average Earners

    Can these average earners still find suitable housing? For simplicity, it’s assumed all transactional costs are covered, and family support is available for furnishing.

    A family with a 720,000 PLN budget can find housing in any major city. However, a single person with a 468,000 PLN budget faces limited options. They can still find three-room apartments in Łódź and the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Area, but only smaller units in other cities.

    Couples and families with higher budgets have better prospects. For instance, in Łódź and the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Area, there are many three-room apartments available. In other cities, two-room units are the main options within their price range. Families with a 719,500 PLN budget can even afford four-room apartments, especially in Łódź and the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Area, although options are scarcer in Kraków.

    “Despite the challenges, housing is still accessible for average-earning households in major cities. However, choices are shrinking, and larger apartments often mean relocating to suburban areas,” comments Marek Wielgo from

    This analysis highlights the tightening housing market and the pressing need for potential buyers to thoroughly research and select the best available options.

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