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    Deputy FM Claims Germany Will Pay War Reparations to Poland if Incumbent Government Secures Another Term

    As Poland gears up for the upcoming autumn elections, the governing Law and Justice party has set its sights on another four years in power. In a recent interview with the Polish Press Agency, Deputy Foreign Minister Arkadiusz Mularczyk made a bold claim, stating that if his government wins another term, Germany will be compelled to pay war reparations to Poland. Mularczyk further emphasized that the prevailing historical narrative surrounding World War II will shift closer to Poland’s perspective rather than Germany’s.

    Citing a recent opinion poll conducted by the research company Social Changes for the right-wing political website, the deputy minister pointed out that 54 percent of respondents believe Poland should persist in its efforts to obtain reparations from Germany. Mularczyk expressed his firm conviction that the attainment of reparations and an alignment of historical narratives will become realities if his party continues to govern.

    In a diplomatic push to rally support for their cause, the Polish government has embarked on a campaign to secure reparations from Germany, aiming to rectify the substantial damage inflicted on Poland during the Second World War. On the 83rd anniversary of the war’s outbreak, September 1, the government published a comprehensive report detailing the losses suffered by Poland as a consequence of German aggression and occupation between 1939 and 1945. The report estimated the financial damages at PLN 6 trillion (EUR 1.3 trillion).