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    Discover the Flavors of Poland: Week of Polish Cuisine Begins

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    MAKRO Polska’s flagship initiative, the Week of Polish Cuisine, has kicked off and will run until November 26th, featuring the participation of nearly 400 establishments from across the country.

    A Gastronomic Journey through Polish Delights

    The Week of Polish Cuisine is a remarkable event aimed at raising awareness of traditional Polish dishes. Restaurants nationwide are crafting two versions of a three-course menu, each priced at either 69 or 99 PLN, with a focus on Polish culinary traditions.

    Embracing the Polish Culinary Renaissance

    Bogdan Gałązka, co-owner and senior chef at Stolica Cafe, expressed his thoughts on the resurgence of Polish cuisine, stating, “I believe that promoting it requires institutional support. Chefs alone cannot achieve this. I hope for a Slavic culinary revival, uniting with colleagues from Central and Eastern European countries that once formed the Commonwealth. Let’s rediscover the flavors of game, forest bounty, butter, good bread, poppy seeds, local lake fish.”

    A Journey through History and Regions

    The Week of Polish Cuisine presents a unique opportunity for diners to explore historical and regional influences. Menus feature dishes inspired by figures like Jan Szyttler, as well as culinary delights such as flisacka soup with perch, crayfish, cream, and dill, pumpkin cream with coconut milk, orange, and spices.

    Delectable Offerings Across the Nation

    Restaurants like Trzy Rybki in Hotel Stary, led by Krzysztof Żurek, have prepared tantalizing offerings, including roasted cauliflower with tomato and curry sauce, nuts, and fresh coriander. Additionally, Baltic turbot in panko with anchovy sauce and roasted cabbage with caraway, lamb with veal sweetbread and carrot puree, plum nougat in gingerbread aromas, and a chocolate dessert with cherry and currant jam flavored with kirsch are available.

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